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Gustavsson, Rolf

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 12/01/2006

Patience with Europe

"Instead of trying to create a utopia, Europeans must learn to accept their Union as something imperfect; as a provisional arrangement," the two Swedish authors Richard Swartz und Rolf Gustavsson tell Europeans, asking them to be patient. "Europe has no soul, no heart, no fixed form. Just as Europeans cannot be defined according to religion, language, or even culture, Europe can't be defined in geographical terms. Europe consists of nothing more than smaller or larger minorities, and for now all it can offer is a sophisticated form of cooperation with certain supranational features. No more and no less. Anything more than this would be presumptuous and dangerous. Presumptuous, because the disasters it brought on itself in the 20th century should make it humble, and it must remember the miseries of the past. Dangerous, because the idea of a united Europe – a kind of United States of Europe – is based on the idea of fulfilling a utopian dream, and all utopias are prone to totalitarianism."

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 16/12/2005

Germany's Navel Gazing

Neither in the coalition agreement nor in Angela Merkel's government statement did foreign policy play a central role. Her statements regarding the future of the EU were also very vague. Rolf Gustavsson, Brussels correspondent for the newspaper, sees this as a sign that Germany will mainly focus on internal affairs and largely ignore other issues. "The great majority of Germans have ceased to appreciate their own prosperity and instead worry about their jobs being under threat from competition in Eastern Europe, China and India. They see themselves as victims and losers. Owing to this attitude and major, as yet unsolved, problems on the domestic front, we are now facing a period where Germany is mainly preoccupied with its own problems."

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