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Grimm, Oliver

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1.  Die Presse - Austria | 12/12/2014

CIA report a triumph for liberal society

The US is under fire in the wake of the revelations about CIA torture practices but we shouldn't forget that the US Senate's report is ... » more

2.  Die Presse - Austria | 17/10/2012

More elbow room for Merkel

Just days before the EU summit takes place Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has decided to play with fire, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse comments, ... » more

3.  Die Presse - Austria | 27/10/2011

Stable euro requires more reforms

In view of the decisions taken on the euro bailout at the crisis summit in Brussels, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse calls for more reforms: ... » more

4.  Die Presse - Austria | 17/02/2011

A victory for fundamental rights

The EU Commission has acted correctly in its settlement of the conflict over Hungary' media law, writes the liberal conservative daily Die Presse: "People are ... » more

5.  Die Presse - Austria | 03/03/2009

Criticism of Austria's ban on genetically modified maize

The Austrian Minister of Agriculture Nikolaus Berlakovich has described the ban on the growing of genetically modified maize in Austria as a "historic success". The ... » more

6.  Die Presse - Austria | 29/01/2009

The victory of the industrial lobby in climate protection

In its struggle against the greenhouse effect Europe has set itself more unrealistic goals than ever and is trying to shirk the responsibilities they entail, ... » more

7.  Die Presse - Austria | 24/05/2007

The European Justice Court condemns social dumping

Oliver Grimm is annoyed at the final speech given by General Advocate Paolo Mengozzi at the European Court of Justice on the subject of social ... » more


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