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Grimberg, Steffen

studied journalism and history in Dortmund and Edinburgh. He is editor at the daily taz, die tageszeitung and he teaches journalism.

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1.  Background | 20/12/2007

Media Concentration and Digitalisation – the European Perspective

Media companies are facing new challenges: digitalisation, IP-TV and online services are disintegrating regionally and temporally-bound use of media; the audience are turning into "users”. Whoever wants to keep up with these trends has to make media available on all channels and start thinking about new financing models. Steffen Grimberg describes what effects this has on the European media market. » more

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 28/11/2012

Content protection law makes Google nervous

The Internet giant Google on Tuesday launched a campaign titled "Defend your net" against the planned intellectual property right for content that will be discussed in the German Bundestag on Thursday. The company wants to avoid having to pay for excerpts of text content that come up in search engine results. Someone is getting nervous now, the left-leaning daily taz comments: "The fact is that Google, quasi a monopolist when it comes to search engines, is not a neutral provider of services for the global online community. …. It is a publicly listed company with a clear goal: growth and maximum profit. … What is interesting is that so far the company has confidently made it clear that it has the upper hand: what newspaper, it has been argued, could afford not to be findable via Google on the World Wide Web? There is some truth to this - and this is what makes Google's volte-face all the more exciting: Does someone actually doubt that it is irreplaceable? … But incidentally this trial of strength won't bring progress on the real key issues, because they are namely the following: how can we protect the Internet against abuse of power by Google - and where can we get a replacement model for journalism on the Internet?"

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 09/11/2006

Berlusconi considers bid for German commercial broadcaster

The media group Mediaset, owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has announced it is considering launching a bid for the German television group ProSiebenSat1. Steffen Grimberg fears it may be difficult to prevent Berlusconi from taking over the group: "Now the discussion about introducing restrictions for foreign investors in the German media industry has been resumed. Such a strategy may be plausible regarding Russian investors' alleged interest in acquiring a major stake in Deutsche Telekom, but as far as Berlusconi's plans are concerned, the strategy is about as convincing as a TV soap. The man is a European businessman and is entitled to buy what and – in compliance with the competition laws – as much as he wants... We can only hope that Berlusconi is just bluffing, and his bid for the German media group is just an attempt to get his problems in Italy under control, where he's having to contend with new media regulations introduced by the Prodi government."

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