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Grajewski, Andrzej

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 15/12/2015

EU criticism of Poland pure neo-colonialism

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło called on EU Parliamentary President Martin Schulz to apologize to Poles for comparing the political shifts in Poland to a "coup". It's about time she protested, the Catholic portal Gość Niedzielny applauds: "Nowadays Brussels reacts allergically to any government that tries to put things in order at home. At one point it reacted in the same way to Orbán's leadership. True, Poland didn't jump on the bandwagon back then, but it didn't support the Hungarian prime minister either. That was a mistake. These brazen, self-absorbed Western politicians must be given to understand that certain formulations are simply not allowed. They treat Central Europe like a colony that Europe had the grace to admit into its ranks on credit. And now they're trying to push through their own notion of civilisation and culture in Central Europe."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 27/08/2014

Lukashenko replaces Poles as mediator

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has every reason to be happy after the meeting in Minsk because he's taken Poland's place as mediator in the Ukraine conflict, Andrzej Grajewski writes in disappointment on the national religious news portal Gość Niedzielny: "The meeting has shown that Kiev must manage on its own. The key to a solution to the conflict continues to lie with the Kremlin, as the talks once again confirmed. ... Still, the host can chalk up a victory for himself. President Lukashenko, who we snidely call 'daddy', has once again proved cleverer than many people had thought. As a politician he used to be sidelined and considered a person to be avoided. Now he's the one inviting EU diplomats to sit down with Moscow at the negotiating table. I still have vivid memories of the days when we Poles were supposed to be the mediators."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 29/10/2013

Andrzej Grajewski on Mazowiecki's services to democracy

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, who became Poland's first non-communist prime minister in 1989, died on Monday aged 86. Andrzej Grajewski of the national religious portal Gość Niedzielny pays tribute to his life's work: "If I were to sum up his political style in a word, I'd describe him as a cautious politician. ... This enabled him to establish new institutions, allowing elements of the old system to gradually meld with the new. He didn't have much leeway - particularly at the start of his government. Because the president was Jaruzelski, the communist Kiszczak headed the important Interior Ministry, and Siwicki was in charge of the defence ministry. The Soviet empire was in the process of decay, and no one could predict its rapid demise. ... Mazowiecki's words about [his government] drawing a line under the past were just falsely interpreted to mean that the representatives of the old system would get off scot-free. ... He simply believed that a country couldn't be changed through a single legal act but only in a lengthy process of replacing the old institutions with new ones."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 22/10/2013

No justice yet for Katyn victims

The European Court of Human Rights rejected for the most part the complaints filed by relatives of the victims of the Katyn massacre and acquitted Russia of having violated the rights of the victims and their relatives by failing to investigate the murders. With this ruling the court revised, for formal reasons, a judgement to the contrary passed last year. For the national religious portal Gość Niedzielny, the whole affair is not over yet: "This is not the final ruling that will be pronounced on this case. The current standstill arises from the fact that Russia has never undertaken a moral, legal or political assessment of communism. Consequently we have no option but to keep on patiently informing the international community. We must constantly demand the handing over of further documents from Russia and stress that this matter is important for Polish-Russian relations. And ensure that an awareness of this emerges on the Russian side. Nothing in history is irrevocable."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 14/02/2013

Chruch still needs strong pope

Benedict XVI celebrated public mass as pope for what was probably the last time on Wednesday. His early resignation could set a precedent that puts his successors under pressure to no longer hold the office for life, the national-religious news portal Gość Niedzielny fears: "We live in turbulent times. Christians are already the most persecuted group worldwide. And nothing points to this threat abating in the near future. Then there's the media terrorism of those who have no access to the Church. Their influence on public opinion is constantly growing. And they are intolerant. They brand anyone who upholds moral values as conservative or retrograde. The media will no doubt use this precedent to convince us during the next papacy that we need a new 'better' pope again. Therefore the Church urgently needs a strong papacy."

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