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Goubert, Guillaume

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1.  La Croix - France | 28/10/2015

Syria crisis finally takes a new turn

Iran will take part in an international conference on Syria for the first time on Friday. The search for a solution to the conflict will ... » more

2.  La Croix - France | 28/09/2015

The time is not right for separatism

There are good reasons why so far not a single region of an EU state has obtained independence, the Catholic daily La Croix writes commenting ... » more

3.  La Croix - France | 16/08/2015

Tianjin explosion also concerns Europe

More than 100 people were killed by a fire and a series of explosions in the Chinese port city of Tianjin on Thursday. Many more, ... » more

4.  La Croix - France | 21/05/2015

Empty France's social hammock

The French unemployment agency announced on Wednesday that it would do more in future to make sure that those registered as unemployed are really looking ... » more

5.  La Croix - France | 22/04/2015

Europe must learn to live with terror

French security forces on Sunday arrested a presumed jihadist suspected of planning attacks on churches. But fear and panic are not the right response, the ... » more

6.  La Croix - France | 24/03/2015

Pay tribute, don't speculate

As long as the cause of the crash remains unclear the only thing to do is remember the victims, the Catholic daily La Croix writes: ... » more

7.  La Croix - France | 10/03/2015

Assad remains enemy of the West

France must not view Bashar al-Assad as an ally in the fight against the Islamic State, the Catholic daily La Croix admonishes after the meeting ... » more

8.  La Croix - France | 02/03/2015

IS wants to erase non-Muslim history

With the destruction of archeological treasures in Mosul last week by the terrorist IS militia an entire chapter of cultural history is in acute danger, ... » more

9.  La Croix - France | 22/12/2014

Not the time for anti-Islam paranoia in France

Several people were injured in attacks against police and pedestrians in Joué-lès-Tours and Dijon on the weekend. In both cases the alleged assailants called out ... » more

10.  La Croix - France | 13/10/2014

No reforms at the expense of the unemployed

The French Minister of the Economy Emmanuel Macron called for a new reform of the country's unemployment insurance system in an interview on Sunday. But ... » more


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