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Glucksmann, André

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Le Figaro - France | 10/07/2012

André Glucksmann on the ills of short-term thinking

Reactions to the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the Franco-German reconciliation last weekend in Reims were luke warm indeed, the philosopher André Glucksmann laments in the conservative daily Le Figaro, and pins the blame for the lack of interest on the short-sightedness of today's politicians: "De Gaulle and Adenauer took a long-term view of things. They had three wars behind them, two of them world wars, and ahead of them the long-term project of a continent reunited in democracy. Their heirs of today are victims of the sickness - shared with most elites - of 'short-termism'. ... They can see no further than the next election campaign, no farther afield than their national territory, no higher than their approval rating. They are day-to-day managers. Not exceptionally good, not exceptionally talented. They dismiss the major challenges out of hand. A joint military defence? No progress in 50 years. Nothing but hazy institutional drafts and paltry initiatives. 'Short-termism' is nothing more than old prejudices wrapped up in this season's technical jargon."

Die Welt - Germany | 04/11/2010

André Glucksmann on Khodorkovsky's political vision

The founder of the Yukos oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky has blasted Russian politics in his last court appearance before his judgement is pronounced. His acquittal is unlikely but it would be a good sign, philosopher André Glucksmann writes in the conservative daily Die Welt: "Everyone must ask why the dishonoured and ransacked ex-oligarch who has already spent seven years in a Siberian prison without justification has not been released, and why he is not allowed to go into exile. Such an approach would have advantages: it would give foreign investors a little security. ... The hotch-potch of obscure political scandals and mysterious assassinations doesn't encourage investors to do business there. Khodorkovsky was the one who created a vision of a Russia that modernises and becomes democratic by freeing itself of its politico-economic mafias. Until only recently Mikhail Khodorkovsky's ideas seemed premature and reckless, if not entirely utopian, in the eyes of Moscow. Now the wind is blowing from a different direction and people are discovering that the real risk for the country is Putin and his sad performance."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 17/04/2009

After Chechnya Georgia and Ukraine are the new targets

Writing about the announced end of Russia's military operations in Chechnya in the daily Corriere della Sera, André Glucksmann fears Moscow could now set its sights on new targets: "Power [in Chechnya] is in the hands of the police force … and the intelligence services, which are jointly controlled by Russians and Chechnyans and are subordinate to Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov, who has no qualms about having his political opponents murdered. … Europe is witnessing the strengthening of the borders of an increasingly authoritarian state that is controlled by ex-KGB agents. This is relevant not only for Chechnya and Russia … . We [Europeans] are helpless in the face of the anti-democratic repression of the media in Russia, the increasingly vertical takeover of power by [Prime Minister] Vladimir Putin and now in the face of an even more dangerous action: freed of its worries about Chechnya the Kremlin now has more energy and time to extend its power beyond its borders: above all in Georgia and in Ukraine."

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