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Giovagnoli, Agostino

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La Repubblica - Italy | 09/09/2013

Francis's diplomacy of charity

Addressing tens of thousands of Catholics in Rome on Saturday, Pope Francis demanded an end to the violence in Syria and called instead for dialogue. In doing so he has spoken out against the idea of a just war and taken sides with the victims, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica applauds: "Never before has the Church condemned war so unequivocally. ... Francis has taken the decisive step and done so in an original manner. Because he puts his faith in the diplomacy of charity. For him what counts isn't abstract concepts like justice, peace and other principles, no matter how important, but taking sides with the victims. ... The diplomacy of Pope Francis is a diplomacy at the service of the poor. ... The poor give Francis the power to discuss matters with the mighty leaders of this world, from Obama to Putin, on an equal standing and remonstrate with them. ... The Pope's appeal has also exposed a gap: none of the positions presented so far on Syria offers a real solution."

La Repubblica - Italy | 30/01/2007

Agosto Giovagnoli supports the law on Holocaust denial

The historian and writer Agostino Giovagnoli considers the proposal presented by the Italian Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella, for a law allowing the prosecution of negationists. "Over the past few days, 150 historians agreed to refuse the adoption of a judicial sanction of negationism. It is impossible not to compare this bill to the text against racism that has just been approved by the last Council of ministers. It is in the name of freedom of expression that the historians rejected this text ... . However, the distinction between negationism and anti-Semitism, difficult in theory, is virtually impossible in practice. Thus the question no longer concerns freedom of expression, but the best-adapted way to thwart anti-Semitism."

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