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Ginés, Ricardo

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 20/04/2007

Is Turkey falling prey to an attempt at destabilisation ?

In an interview conducted by Ricardo Ginés, the Turkish journalist and writer Belma Akcura considers that the assassinations of Christians and other minorities in Turkey are intended to destabilize the government. "There is an organised structure that has just pushed the Malatya button again. We are seeing a very dangerous escalation of the tension provoked by the rise of nationalism these past few years. The assassins of Malatya are an extra link in a chain of events intended to polarize society and destabilise the government. ... Since 2004, parallel with negotiations for EU accession, these incidents have been increasingly intense. They are part of a well-planned strategy with the objective of dynamiting Turkish accession to the European project. ... We can conclude that these political assassinations, or assassinations with religious connotations, are aimed at weakening the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government”.

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