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Gaube, Aleš

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1.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 24/08/2015

Tsipras is a guarantee for stability

Alexis Tsipras has good chances of winning a strong government mandate at the early elections in Greece, according to the centre-left daily newspaper Dnevnik: "It ... » more

2.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 22/10/2014

Juncker's inspired shuffling of posts

After Alenka Bratušek failed her European Parliament hearings it has been confirmed that the Slovenian Violeta Bulc will be in charge of the transport portfolio ... » more

3.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 31/07/2013

Negotiations prompted by pragmatism

Israel has accepted new negotiations with the Palestinians as the most rational course, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments: "Economic reasons are forcing Israel to negotiate. ... » more

4.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 04/06/2013

No Turkish Spring

The mass protests in Turkey are a sign of how the process of democratisation is advancing in the country, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments: "A ... » more

5.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 07/01/2013

President has no intention of giving up

Assad made it perfectly clear in his speech on Sunday that he intends to continue with the civil war to the bitter end, the left-liberal ... » more

6.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 13/04/2012

Syria is like Bosnia

Peace is still a long way off in Syria despite the ceasefire, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments, drawing parallels with the War in Bosnia: "Although ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 17/03/2011

Aleš Gaube sees Arab Spring as critique of the West

The Arab Spring holds unprecedented potential for a more just distribution of wealth in Tunisia, Egypt and the Gulf States, writes columnist Aleš Gaube in ... » more

8.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 01/06/2010

Pirates from the Holy Land

The international community must call Israel to account for its attack on the aid flotilla for the Gaza Strip, demands the daily Dnevnik: "The pirates ... » more

9.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 19/01/2009

Putting patience to the test

Dnevnik newspaper criticises the behaviour of the international community for supporting Israel in its quest to bring Hamas to its knees: "But the question is, ... » more

10.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 11/08/2008

Europe threatened with war

The daily Dnevnik paints a gloomy picture of the consequences of the conflict in South Ossetia: "If the war in the Caucasus spreads quickly it ... » more


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