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Franco, Massimo

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 15/05/2009

Italy cannot guard the Mediterranean on its own

Italy has passed a so-called security package stipulating harsh measures against illegal immigration. The daily Correre della Sera comments: "Italy has decided to take the forefront in the fight against illegal immigrants. That is no easy task, because it is being put at the discretion of laws that are in diametrical contrast to its past visions. The package breaks with our culture of hospitality, which no one questioned before the time when the flow [of immigrants] took on such alarming proportions. And it is accompanied by a deafening and culpable silence on the part of Europe. ... Against this background, our country seems to be the vanguard of a foul temper which will soon break out across the continent. It is anticipating solutions which ... are not coordinated by the EU. No one can guard the new border made up by the Mediterranean region. Strictly speaking, the attempt by the government to defend it ... is a plea, almost a cry for help."

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