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Fonck, Danièle

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Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 22/05/2014

Juncker's election campaign won't pay off

The timing of the European elections could not be worse in view of the negative mood among the EU's citizens, the liberal weekly paper Le Jeudi writes, fearing that the efforts of Juncker and Schulz will have been in vain: "The European elections are taking place at the worst possible moment - when the majority of the population sees the united Europe as a huge social disaster and a useless invention that curtails their freedom and needlessly regulates their lives. The result will be a record low turnout and the rise of the far right. And neither Juncker nor Schulz will be able to deal with the resulting political constellation. So hats off to both politicians for facing up to this challenge. At the end of an unrewarding campaign into which above all Juncker put all his efforts and talent, one may well ask if this investment of time and energy will be reflected in the result."

Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 26/07/2012

Hollande is more fair-minded than Sarkozy

The bling-bling of the Sarkozy era has come to an end with the new government in France, the left-liberal weekly Le Jeudi writes. "The new government is sending out the message that common sense and pragmatism have replaced the grand gestures and arrogance of French politics and this is being greeted enthusiastically in the world's capitals. The state is taking account of the constraints on its political flexibility while trying to find solutions that are not just painful for its citizens. Naturally there will be unpopular measures, and people will accept them grudgingly. But they can tell that the rewards will be reaped not just by the rich, as was the case under Sarkozy. François Hollande and [Prime Minister] Jean-Marc Ayrault know only too well that they have few effective weapons against big business, and they are entitled to seek a solution in dialogue between the social partners."

Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 23/12/2010

Europe's foreign policy backward looking

By focusing too much on the US the European Union is jeopardising its foreign policy, writes the weekly magazine Le Jeudi: "Europe - tell me about it! Since its creation it has never been governed by such feeble, visionless clowns as today. And never has it gone wrong more than now. Europe stands at a crossroads, and should be forging solid alliances with the superpower of tomorrow, China. But it does nothing of the sort, bogged down in false relations with the United States. ... No one is asking it to break ties with the US, especially not with the government of Barack Obama. Nevertheless our interests lie elsewhere, namely in the Middle Kingdom."

Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 14/07/2006

The French are hurting for their Republic

"If there is a reason to cry today in France, it is that many of its citizens are hurting for their Republic," writes Danièle Fonck. "Here we see thousands of them revolting in order to protect children. Children of immigrants. Children of this multi-colour France that catapulted its football to such heights in recent days. Of this France that wins thanks to the plurality of its skin colours. Of this France that would like to take advantage of the summer holidays to deport, en masse, schoolchildren and secondary school students whose only fault is to be from somewhere else, yet who, throughout their schooling, have demonstrated that their place is in France. This is a stain on the country of the Declaration of the Rights of Man. All the more so since the government and its interior minister [Nicolas Sarkozy] are driven solely by cynical political calculation in beefing up their anti-immigrant message. As if siphoning votes away from Le Pen at any price were a noble cause."

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