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Föderl-Schmid, Alexandra

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Der Standard - Austria | 09/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Merkel has found her historical mission

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on the popular German talk show hosted by Anne Will on Wednesday evening. The chancellor is more resolute than ever, comments the centre-left daily Der Standard: "With her self-assured appearances on the talk show in the evening and in the EU Parliament during the day, Merkel demonstrated a capacity for leadership that extends beyond Germany. She reinforced the claim she made one month ago that 'We can do it.' That is a courageous stance, because her approval ratings in the polls have already started to plummet and criticism from within her party is growing louder. ... In her ten years as chancellor Merkel has more often moderated than taken action. Even on the refugee issue she took her time positioning herself. Now she's taken the bull by the horns and made it her mission. That's the difference between her stance here and in the Greek crisis. Back then her annoyance was clear for all to see. But the refugee problem she views as her personal challenge, a task posed by history."

Der Standard - Austria | 30/06/2010

Election reinforces political disillusionment

The election of the federal president is just a matter of political calculation, the daily Der Standard writes, much to the annoyance of citizens. "In Germany as in Austria the gulf between politicians and the people has grown ever wider. More and more people are turning away from politics. It is widely believed that politicians spend all their energy fighting with one another, do not tell the truth and only have their eye on the next election. That applies to both countries. ... The ruling coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP in Berlin are wearing each other down. Nevertheless, they have managed to put together an austerity package, albeit no fundamental reforms. Because a victory for the red-green candidate Gauck would probably mark the end of Angela Merkel as chancellor, party discipline will prevail. The election in the Berlin Reichstag isn't even primarily about choosing a president. This will only strengthen people's disillusionment with politics - the feeling that those at the top will arrange things for themselves anyway."

Der Standard - Austria | 16/06/2010

EU economic government damaging for the EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have spoken out in favour of a European economic government for all 27 states. The initiative is harming the EU, writes the daily Der Standard: "A budget plan for the next few years in EU states is sensible, and presenting it to the Commission and the Council also makes sense. But that this should take place before MPs in the individual member states have been allowed to have their say is without doubt a democratic deficit and raises questions of legitimacy. We are now paying the price for the fact that the founders of the euro, in particular the German chancellor at the time Helmut Kohl, pushed through economic and monetary union but didn't have the courage to take the step towards political integration this required. Kohl's successor Merkel summed it up at her meeting with Sarkozy: 'We are currently going through a rather existential phase in which the future of Europe is at stake.' Merkel and Sarkozy have done nothing to improve the prospects."

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