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Elshout, Arie

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1.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 21/01/2015

Economy gives Obama self-assurance

US President Barack Obama announced measures to fight growing social inequality in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. In view of the ... » more

2.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 19/12/2014

Sony hack heralds cyber war

Following a cyber attack presumably by North Korea, the US entertainment company Sony Pictures has decided not to release its new comedy The Interview about ... » more

3.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 12/11/2014

Obama lets himself be dragged into ground war

Another 1,500 US military advisers will be sent to Iraq to help in the fight against the IS terrorist militia, US President Barack Obama announced ... » more

4.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 18/06/2014

Islamists face Obama with dilemma

The US has not ruled out the possibility of negotiations with Iran in the fight against the terrorist movement Isil. The conflict in Iraq faces ... » more

5.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 06/01/2014

Obama must intervene

The growing violence in Iraq and the ongoing war in Syria are putting the US under increasing pressure to take action, the left-liberal daily De ... » more

6.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 25/09/2013

A long diplomatic route

Although Obama and Rouhani did not meet during the UN General Assembly, the first steps towards reconciliation have been taken, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant ... » more

7.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 02/09/2013

The world has a leadership problem

By allowing Congress to vote on the intervention in Syria US President Barack Obama is taking a huge risk, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant warns: ... » more

8.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 22/08/2013

Use of toxic gas faces Obama with a dilemma

The possibility that nerve gas was used in Syria forces Obama to act, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant writes: "If it takes too long for ... » more


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