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Delvaux, Béatrice

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1.  Le Soir - Belgium | 26/12/2015

Ideological power struggle continues

The fight against the forces that aim to bring about the downfall of Europe must go on in the new year, the liberal daily Le ... » more

2.  Le Soir - Belgium | 28/11/2015

Puberty crisis a cause of terror

Terrorism must be tackled at its roots, the liberal daily Le Soir writes after a week of the state of emergency in Belgium: "A new ... » more

3.  Le Soir - Belgium | 24/11/2015

State of alert an acid test for Belgian PM

In view of the highest state of alert the situation remains tense in Belgium - above all for liberal Prime Minister Charles Michel, the liberal ... » more

4.  Le Soir - Belgium | 15/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: EU on the path of self-destruction

Austria introduced border controls on its borders with Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy today, Wednesday. The EU must act now or it will fail, the ... » more

5.  Le Soir - Belgium | 03/06/2015

Press and judicary the most valuable players

Uefa President Michel Platini has called Blatter's resignation courageous. The liberal daily Le Soir finds such praise inappropriate, arguing that it was others who showed ... » more

6.  Le Soir - Belgium | 25/05/2015

Votes in Spain and Poland highlight frustration

The rise in popularity of Podemos and other new parties in Spain, as well as Duda's victory in Poland signal a growing rift between established ... » more

7.  Le Soir - Belgium | 05/03/2015

Belgium finally discussing the TTIP

Debates on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, are currently taking place in several Belgian cities. The liberal daily Le Soir believes intense ... » more

8.  Le Soir - Belgium | 14/01/2015

Long live Charlie!

In its Wednesday edition the liberal daily Le Soir also prints the front page and several other cartoons from the current issue of Charlie Hebdo. ... » more

9.  Le Soir - Belgium | 29/11/2014

Deficit proceedings against Belgium unfair

The European Commission on Friday called on France, Belgium and Italy to improve their budgets for 2015 by March. If they fail they risk deficit ... » more

10.  Le Soir - Belgium | 23/10/2014

Cuts in culture budget deepen rifts in Belgium

The new Belgian centre-right government has announced drastic cuts in subsidies for culture and science. That amounts to an attack on cultural cooperation between Flemish ... » more


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