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Delputte, Lode

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De Morgen - Belgium | 22/08/2013

As in Rwanda, the world looks away

The international community must not remain indifferent to the possibility that a toxic gas attack was carried out in Syria, the left-liberal daily De Morgen writes: "Observers warn of hasty conclusions and want to wait for the results of an international enquiry. ... Nevertheless US President Barack Obama has always repeated that chemical weapons constitute a red line, and that he and the international community must intervene as soon as Assad crossed it. But once again an enquiry serves as an excuse not to act. ... In truth this is about something completely different: nothing is happening now because the international community is deeply divided, and Washington has long lacked the means to open up yet another front. Syria is the worst humanitarian disaster since the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Back then, too, we stood back and did nothing. The toxic gas flows, but in international policy equanimity seems to have the upper hand."

De Morgen - Belgium | 14/08/2013

Europe should deny US death penalty drug

The US state of Texas will run out of supplies of pentobarbital, the drug used in lethal injections, in September. The Danish company Lundbeck has prohibited the distribution of the drug for the purpose of executions. An important signal, the left-liberal daily De Morgen writes: "Hopefully this points to a new trend: that the pharmaceutical world is no longer willing to aid and abet state-organised murder. ... Although numerous cases can be cited in which the sector has put enterprise over ethics, the producers have now said a firm no to the death penalty, which is denounced all over the world. ... It is a scandal that of all places the US, a country that so loves to tell the world how free its citizens are, continues to execute prisoners. With its 'njet', Lundbeck has drawn a new line. ... Europe must use this refusal to live up to its role model function. With or without pentobarbital, the death penalty is no longer in keeping with the times."

De Morgen - Belgium | 04/01/2006

Wolfgang Schüssel to Europe's rescue

"The world of politics is occasionally able to live with strange paradoxes. The man who, just five years ago, found himself completely isolated for having sought to form a coalition with Jörg Haider's right-wing populist party, is today the one being asked to come to Europe's rescue," observes the progressive Flemish daily. "The Austrian chancellor, Wolfgang Schüssel, has taken the reins of the European Union presidency from the British prime minister, Tony Blair, and the member states are now wondering whether he will succeed in steering the Union out of its crisis. The EU has been in a tight position since the failure of the constitutional referendums in France and the Netherlands. Schüssel has gotten the message: he has set for himself the mission of resuscitating the European constitution."

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