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Deaglio, Mario

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La Stampa - Italy | 16/03/2015

Weak euro highlights Europe's inadequacies

The value of the euro dropped to a new all-time low of just over 1.05 dollars on Friday, and continued its downwards spiral on the weekend. The weakness of the euro may be welcomed initially but it is ultimately a sign of the weakness of the European Union, the liberal daily La Stampa complains: "The key question is: why is the euro plunging so suddenly and so quickly? Because of the Greece crisis, some may rashly reply. But in addition to Greece a generalised sense of 'European disgruntlement' can be observed. The causes don't lie in Athens but in Brussels and Strasbourg. There the ideal of creating a joint house for all Europeans has faded into the distance and been replaced by a gigantic bureaucracy in which all national interests conflict with each other. ... The devaluation of the euro goes hand in hand with the short-sightedness and utter ineptitude of Europe's society and politicians, which are certainly not confined to its economy."

La Stampa - Italy | 06/07/2007

The new Fiat 500 is a challenge for Italian industry

Following the unveiling of the new Fiat 500, Mario Deaglio emphasises it's symbolic role. "With this little car [first launched during the Italian economic miracle of the 1950s and 60s] the Italian economy, with a new strategy, set course to conquer Europe and its future. After the 500, we saw the Vespa, Nutella, the Lettera 22 (Olivetti's typewriter) [three Italian flagship products]. ... We have always given this car a symbolic role in the revival of the Italian economy. It's not only an industrial product, it's an industrial challenge. And if the entrepreneurs have already started to think about this new strategy, the political class doesn't yet see itself on this path. It's hard to say whether this Italy, older and surely more interested in retirements than in innovations, will be able to meet this challenge."

La Stampa - Italy | 27/02/2006

Economic patriotism and cross-border mergers

"Economic journalist Mario Deaglio worries about the consequences for Europe of Italian energy company Enel's failed bid for the French group, Suez. "There is a new flu stalking Europe whose main source is in France. Unlike bird flu, there is no danger of this one claiming human victims, but it is just as dangerous in so far as it is capable of braking the vitality of economic growth. ... This virus manifests itself in different forms, but the result is always the same: it reduces competition. No vaccination exists and nobody feels like trying to to find one. The most recent victim is Enel, whose attempt to enter the French market has been blocked by a government that calls itself pro-free market and which has already torpedoed the buyout of a large French food group (Danone) by an American suitor."

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