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Dainov, Evgenii

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1.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 18/12/2014

Foolish Putin fell into the trap

The international community has lured Putin into a trap from which there is no escape, political commentator Evgenii Dainov writes on the news portal Dnevnik ... » more

2.  Club Z - Bulgaria | 30/10/2014

Evgenii Dainov on Bulgaria's second transformation

Bulgaria has entered a new transitional phase since the start of the civil protests in 2012, political commentator Evgenii Dainov writes in the news portal ... » more

3.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 03/03/2014

Russia stumbling towards collapse

Vladimir Putin doesn't really want to go to war against Ukraine, but Russia is facing disaster no matter what happens now, political analyst Eugenii Daynov ... » more

4.  Offnews - Bulgaria | 22/02/2014

Bulgarian media spread Russian propaganda

The Bulgarian state radio station Horizont 's reporting on the upheaval in Ukraine is embarrassingly similar to the propaganda of Russian state media, political scientist ... » more

5.  Offnews - Bulgaria | 17/10/2013

Bulgaria's media fan hatred of refugees

Around 7,000 Syrian refugees currently live in reception centres in Bulgaria, with hundreds more arriving each day. Media and extreme right-wing politicians are inciting hatred ... » more

6.  Offnews - Bulgaria | 14/09/2013

Web not to blame for Bulgarian paper closures

Bulgaria's newspapers are dead, political scientist Evgeniy Daynov declares on the news website Offnews. However as opposed to in the West, these papers were not ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 14/05/2013

Last triumph of the lumpenprotelariat

The early elections in Bulgaria were just a stopover in the transition to a completely new political structure in the country, political scientist Evgeny Daynov ... » more

8.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 20/02/2013

Bulgaria's prime minister stripped of power

Borisov's lust for power sealed his fate, the daily Dnevnik writes: "Borisov put the presidency, the judiciary, the media and the economy under his personal ... » more

9.  Trud - Bulgaria | 15/11/2011

Evgeni Dainov on the advantages of a two-speed EU

As a result of the euro crisis more and more politicians are speaking out in favour of a two-speed Europe. Bulgaria would be far better ... » more

10.  Trud - Bulgaria | 09/10/2011

EU pushes Bulgaria forward

Without the help of the EU Bulgaria would be as poor as Macedonia, writes political scientist Ewgenij Dajnow in the daily Trud, describing his impressions ... » more


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