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Cornea, Andrei

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Revista 22 - Romania | 22/06/2009

Romanian politicians are no luxury tailors

Of late the Romanian government has been able to issue so-called "urgency decrees" to alter laws that have not yet entered force. Revista 22 magazine criticises this: "A law is like a piece of clothing. The more often it is darned, the worse it looks and the more apparent the clumsiness of the tailor becomes. Like the majority of the nation Romanian politicians believe that the parliament is merely a decorative institution full of European instances, the main purpose of which is to do profitable and easy work as well as commit major collective follies … . Yet our ruler himself is often incompetent, morally unstable and driven by party interests. He is a botcher, not a luxury tailor. The only chance we have of getting half-way acceptable laws is for them to be passed by those who are supposed to pass them - i.e. the parliament - after intense, comprehensive and responsible discussion conducted in the public eye."

Revista 22 - Romania | 18/06/2007

Andrei Cornea on the Romanians' concept of guilt

The news that the public prosecutor's office in Bucharest has decided after a two-year investigation to bring corruption charges against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase prompts Andrei Cornea to reflect on how Romania deals with guilt. Cornea is convinced that Nastase will not admit his guilt: "Here in Romania there is no consciousness of moral guilt. People don't feel guilty about committing criminal offences or about the way they live. It's always the others who are to blame, the foreigners, the enemy, those who are different from us. People don't think it's a bad thing to break the law, but they're embarrassed to be seen in handcuffs. It's not the act of stealing that is shameful but the arrest that proves one wasn't man enough to get away with it, because it shows that one didn't pay the bribes quickly enough or pay enough... As long as society regards the only mistake to be in letting oneself get caught, it will be difficult to build up a functioning judiciary that can make people assume moral responsibility. "

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