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Charim, Isolde

Isolde Charim, born in Vienna, studied philosophy. Lecturer at the
University of Vienna, publicist.

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1.  Article | 30/05/2007

Historical myths new and old

Does Europe have a collective memory? Or do national histories dominate European consciousness? Isolde Charim discusses the issue with reference to national mythologies. » more

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 17/03/2011

Fukushima workers are heroes

The Japanese government has sent out a request for international assistance in the fight to bring its reactors under control. It is as yet unclear who would be willing to sacrifice their health in the battle, which means that the hopes of the world ride on the heroic workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, writes the leftist daily die tageszeitung: "People hope desperately for knowledgeable experts who can cap the energy now being released. But even that would not be enough. More needs to be done, and that work is being carried out by the workers on location. The entire world knows how exhausted these people must be, how much stress they are under, how much deadly radiation they are being exposed to and how futile their struggle probably is. ... They are performing well beyond their limit, putting their health and their very lives on the line. It is no less than superhuman to overcome one's own survival instinct. Japan's last hope lies with these workers, and that's why they are heroes."

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