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Carlsson, Ingvar

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Der Standard - Austria | 16/03/2006

Appeal for a dialogue between cultures

Five former heads of state and government who are members of the InterAction Council - an association of former heads of state - have drawn up a counter-manifesto attacking the manifesto "United against New Totalitarianism". They see the publishing of the Muhammad cartoons in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten as a sign of an international "breakdown in the sense of responsibility" and criticise the Danish government. "The Danish government has failed to take advantage of several opportunities for dialogue... To combat clichés and prevent a clash of cultures we must make an effort to understand the fundamental beliefs of the world religions." To this end, they propose that the "General Declaration of Human Responsibilities" drawn up by the InterAction council in 1997 should be incorporated into the UN system. "A debate in the plenary assembly on how to achieve the necessary balance between freedom and lack of restraint, rights and responsibilities is urgently needed."

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