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Caregari, Luc

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1.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 27/03/2008

Luc Caregari refuses to judge May 1968

For its 40th anniversary, journalist Luc Caregari reflects on the legacy of the May 1968 social movement. "At least one thing is clear: without May ... » more

2.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 16/11/2007

What will remain of Luxemburg's culture year?

Luc Caregari wonders what will remain of Luxemburg's stint as the European Capital of Culture 2007. "At issue is the future legacy of the Blue ... » more

3.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 08/11/2007

Romanians lays claim to work of Cioran

Romanian theatre producer has staged a play in Luxemburg called 'Garret in Paris with a View of Death' by playwright Matei Visnic. It draws its ... » more

4.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 28/09/2007

Contemporary artists shut up in their concepts

The culture critic Luc Caregari is not impressed by Austrian contemporary artist Hermann Nitsch's exhibition which opened on September 22nd, at the Galerie Beaumont, in ... » more

5.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 10/08/2007

The essence of art under threat from the quest for consensus

The town of Luxemburg, along with Sibiu in Romania, is this year's EU capital of culture. The exhibitions organised to mark this occasion have disappointed ... » more

6.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 12/07/2007

Should the state continue subsidising culture?

Luxembourg has been designated one capital of European culture for 2007. This has sparked an outpouring of cultural events, up to the point where the ... » more

7.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 01/06/2007

France's right is sure to win legislative elections

As the first round of France's legislative elections is due to be held on Sunday, June 10th, the columnist Luc Caregari considers that "since May ... » more

8.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 20/04/2007, a website for artists and art consumers

In this year of cultural profusion in Luxemburg, the 2007 European capital of culture, the chronicler Luc Caregari takes an interest in a website designed ... » more

9.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 30/03/2007

Debate around exhibition on travelling people in Luxembourg

The exhibition 'Watch out Gypsies! History of a misunderstanding' at the museum of history in Luxembourg aims to denounce prejudices against this people. However it ... » more

10.  Woxx - Luxembourg | 16/03/2007

For Zeev Sternhell, the danger of fascism remains in Europe

In an interview conducted by Luc Caregari, the Israelian historian Zeev Sternhell, a specialist on fascism in Europe, analyses the roots of this phenomenon and ... » more


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