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Buren, Daniel

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 01/12/2007

Daniel Buren dedicated to in situ art

Interviewed by Guy Duplat, the French artist Daniel Buren explains his artistic method which involves working in and occupying a specific place. "There is nothing new about working on location. But we need to hark back to the renaissance to retrace it. At the time frescoes and sculptures were conceived for very specific places, which necessarily modified them. Clumsy attempts have since been made to transport these frescoes and turn them into moveable paintings. This practice of working on location has virtually disappeared since the 19th century. Many 20th century artists have regretted the lack of opportunity to work on location and there produce specific, isolated pieces. But painting, it is said, has been 'freed' from places. What I am interested in is the opposite. Painting has been alienated, not freed from places. My approach has been to reconsider place as something essential, including in artistic production."

Le Monde - France | 27/06/2006

Safeguard the spirit of 'Liberation'

A long list of prominent figures, including Jean-Pierre Azema, Enki Bilal, Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle, Jeanne Moreau and Jean Nouvel, sign a joint appeal in defence of the daily Liberation newspaper in Le Monde's edition dated Tuesday, June 27. Liberation's director and co-founder, Serge July, has been shown the exit by the paper's main shareholder, Edouard de Rothschild. "What a newspaper! You may not share its ideas, its ironies may grate on your nerves, you may take issue with its positions or, on the contrary, hail its insolence - but how can you remain indifferent to its present plight? ... Though of differing sensibilities, backgrounds and schools of thought, we nonetheless wanted to express our collective concern. 'Liberation', by its tone, its commitments and its excess, occupies an essential place as a forum for democratic debate in France. ... It is a daily that demonstrated a spirit of resistance, when this was necessary."

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