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Brézet, Alexis

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Le Figaro - France | 07/01/2015

War has reached France

With the attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo the war against terrorism in the Middle East and Africa has reached France, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes, stressing that France must strike back: "In times of war, the top priority is to remain united. But the second task is to arm ourselves. Morally, first of all - for how can we defend our values if we're not convinced of their absolute dignity? Then we must arm ourselves politically and legally: for too long we've remained complacent vis-à-vis our worst enemies, in the name of perverted humanism and excessive anti-racism. These 'lost children of the jihad', the fanatics who rage on the Internet, conspire openly against our country and its security. ... It's them we must strike out at. Without weakness or cowardice. When war is on our doorstep, it must be won."

Le Figaro - France | 24/03/2014

A slap in the face for Paris

In the run-up to the local elections, some members of the Socialist government expressed hopes that above all voters on the right would stay away from the polls. But they had another thing coming, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes, seeing the election results as a rap on the knuckles for President Hollande: "We were told that a micro-climate prevailed in 36,000 municipalities that would protect the Socialists from the winds of deception and anger that are sweeping the country. We were told that the voters on the right, discouraged by affairs and leadership battles, would prefer to stay at home. ... Think again! Once again, the prophets with rose-coloured glasses were gravely mistaken. Yesterday once again confirmed the rule according to which elections during a president's term of office give voters the chance to express their discontent. ... This is harsh punishment, and a clear disavowal for the governing majority."

Le Figaro - France | 02/09/2013

Assad interview justified

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on Monday granted the French newspaper Le Figaro an exclusive interview on the use of chemical weapons and the conflict in Syria. In a leading article the conservative daily justifies publishing the interview in today's issue: "Should we have refused to publish the interview conducted by our special envoy George Malbrunot just because Assad's words are threatening? ... No, of course not! Letting someone express himself isn't the same as approving or backing their ideas. It's providing our readers, the French and the international public, with an essential element for understanding the drama that is unfolding. In a world where information is too often buried under commentary, that is the irreplaceable role of a great newspaper like Le Figaro. Being where things are happening. Telling it like it is. Letting the players speak. In a word: Informing."

Le Figaro - France | 16/05/2013

Nothing but unsuccessful recipes

François Hollande has once again failed to make the best of a good opportunity, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes with an eye to the second major press conference of the president's term in office: "It's not enough to talk about businesses for them to start creating jobs, nor to praise entrepreneurs for them to stay in the country. ... Apart from that, nothing new. It reminds one of those soldiers in operettas who go on and on singing 'Let's march! Let's march!' with their manly voices, all the while staying firmly rooted on the spot. ... Still more vague promises of cutbacks; a European diversionary tactic subjected to the will of Madame Merkel; huge public investments financed through loans. ... As long as the same causes go on having the same effects, who can believe for a moment that catastrophe can be avoided?"

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