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Aboulian, Baptiste

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Le Soir - Belgium | 04/04/2007

Is the BBC too highbrow?

"Poor 'Aunty Beeb'. The old lady of British television the BBC has been reprimanded. It is said to be too intellectual and is about to ' dumb down' the quality of its programmes", reports Baptiste Aboulian. A yet to be published report on viewers reveals "a gap between [BBC's] content and the desires of the British. It is above all the urban middle classes who like the programming. This audience enjoys the Sunday programme presented by the political journalist Andrew Marr,a dry as a bone Scotsman. But it must put off a large number of British who have no particular inclination to listen to interviews with opera singers on a Sunday morning. ... The BBC would like to regain its aura and become more accessible to young people who now prefer cable or internet. ... The question for the national audiovisual groups remains: does the BBC fulfill its mission?"

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