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Boukalas, Pantelis

Journalist and author, Kathimerini, Greece

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1.  Kathimerini - Greece | 05/01/2016

The invisible peace sign of Lesbos

Last week activists created a huge peace sign on the Greek island of Lesbos using around 3,000 life jackets left behind by refugees. But Europe's ... » more

2.  Kathimerini - Greece | 16/09/2014

Stubborn Greeks still support neo-Nazis

Exactly a year after the murder of the Greek hip hop artist and anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas by a member of the neo-Nazi Chrysi Avgi party, ... » more

3.  Kathimerini - Greece | 23/07/2014

Panteilis Boukalas on the inequality of death in Ukraine and Gaza

Public discussion of the casualties in Ukraine and Gaza differs depending on the nationality of the deceased, columnist Pantelis Boukalas comments in the conservative daily ... » more

4.  Kathimerini - Greece | 07/05/2014

Pantelis Boukalas on the war of words in the Ukraine crisis

The way terms like "pro-Russian" and "pro-European" are taken for granted in reporting on the Ukraine crisis is questionable to say the least, columnist Pantelis ... » more

5.  Kathimerini - Greece | 29/01/2013

Greek politicians make fools of themselves online

Greek politicians are increasingly using Facebook and Twitter. They only expose themselves by revealing such ambitions, the conservative daily Kathimerini believes: "Many of them are ... » more

6.  Kathimerini - Greece | 13/11/2012

Europe's workers unite

At least the social plight is causing the employees in the European debtor states to join forces for a united cause, the conservative daily Kathimerini ... » more

7.  Kathimerini - Greece | 13/09/2012

Pantelis Boukalas on the vengeful god of debt

Columnist Pantelis Boukalas finds the way in which politicians and creditors talk of Greece's mountain of debt disconcerting. He writes in the conservative daily Kathimerini: ... » more

8.  Kathimerini - Greece | 03/06/2012

Europe still lacks common vision

In a pan-European appeal entitled We are all Greek Jews, prominent intellectuals have called attention to how right-wing populism is booming in a number of ... » more

9.  Kathimerini - Greece | 10/02/2011

Spielberg as Greece's saviour

Tax fugitives from Greece have 600 billion euros stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. That amounts to almost five times the loan the highly indebted ... » more

10.  Kathimerini - Greece | 19/05/2010

Corrupt Greek doctors rip off their patients

Greece's healthcare system is marked by corruption and cronyism, the conservative daily Kathimerini complains: "Mechanically and with an inner smile at the expense of their ... » more


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