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Boniface, Pascal

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 19/09/2012

Greed for profit at the expense of Muslims

Charlie Hebdo is abusing the freedom of opinion to boost its sales figures, the left-liberal weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur criticises: "As far as attacking Muslims goes, Charlie Hebdo is a repeat offender. ... If the publication now becomes the target of another attack, it can boast: 'We told you they're a bunch of crazies.' The whole thing is a vicious circle, and it must stopped at all costs. The worst disservice that one could do for to this paper is to attack it violently. The right approach is to subject it to political criticism. Charlie Hebdo must be unmasked and shown to be no longer a medium for free thinkers but a populist rag. Bad-mouthing Muslims in today's France is not a sign of courage. The editorial board says it's acting in the name of the freedom of opinion. But in fact its goal is to up its lagging sales figures with regular jabs at Muslims."

El País - Spain | 07/06/2006

Football's field of ideas

Pascal Boniface, the director of IRIS (Institute of International and Strategic Relations), believes "football is a residual confrontation zone that allows for a controlled expression of animosity, without affecting the most important areas of cooperation between the two countries. France and Germany will soon have a common army but the survival of their national teams provides a channel, within an extremely circumscribed space, for the persistent rivalry between the two countries. ... Football is useful because it allows for symbolic clashes that are limited in nature and virtually free of political risk. It has a large, but superficial, impact on national and international public opinion. ... In football, elimination of an opponent is always temporary. There is always a return match."

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