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Bielecki, Jedrzej

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1.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 26/10/2015

PiS must not spurn Europe

Many Western European media have been critical of the PiS and the anti-European statements of party leader Jarosław Kaczyński. But politicians in Western Europe will ... » more

2.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 27/08/2015

Poland's Ukraine policy motivated by elections

The liberal Foreign Minister of Poland, Grzegorz Schetyna, has criticised the National Conservative President Andrzej Duda for demanding that Poland be allowed to participate in ... » more

3.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 24/06/2015

France on the right path with surveillance law

France's National Assembly will vote on Wednesday on a surveillance law for fighting terrorism that would give the intelligence agencies similar rights to those the ... » more

4.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 07/11/2014

Juncker may as well resign now

The new EU Commission President Juncker should pack his bags and leave now because he's deeply implicated in the tax avoidance scandal, the conservative daily ... » more

5.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 25/08/2014

Putin unites the people of Ukraine

Despite the fighting in the east of the country, the government in Kiev allowed a big military parade to go ahead on Sunday. Putin's aggression ... » more

6.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 03/12/2013

Abolish visa requirements for Ukrainians

The EU should lend unconditional support to the demonstrators in Ukraine, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita writes: "If Europe does not pass this test, the hurdles ... » more

7.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 22/11/2013

Ukrainian people pay the price

By turning away from Europe, Ukraine is only making itself more dependent on Russia - and the Ukrainian citizens stand to suffer the most as ... » more

8.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 21/06/2013

Merkel wants cuts only in Southern Europe

Germany's CDU and CSU parties will determine their programme for the upcoming federal elections on the weekend. The proposed programme foresees billions in tax relief ... » more

9.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 03/05/2013

Iceland's Eurosceptics symbolise Europe's crisis

Iceland's Eurosceptic centre-right opposition came out the clear winner of the parliamentary elections on Saturday. According to experts, accession talks with the EU may also ... » more

10.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 25/04/2013

European foreign policy a failure

Three and a half years after establishing the European External Action Service (EEAS), the European Parliament has concluded in a report that the EU member ... » more


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