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Beytout, Nicolas

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1.  L'Opinion - France | 06/12/2015

Revolution in the party landscape

If the Socialist want to prevent the Front National from winning they will have to withdraw their own candidates from the second round in certain ... » more

2.  L'Opinion - France | 02/09/2015

Paris opts for labour minister without expertise

French President François Hollande on Wednesday appointed the former secretary of state for urban policy, Myriam El Khomri, to succeed labour minister François Rebsamen, who ... » more

3.  L'Opinion - France | 19/01/2015

Paris must not gag bargaining partners

French President François Hollande called on employers and unions to confront the country's high unemployment with the same unity with which French society responded to ... » more

4.  L'Opinion - France | 01/07/2014

A bad sign for democracy

The arrest of a former president is so unusual that it also raises questions about whether the steps taken by the French judiciary are justified, ... » more

5.  L'Opinion - France | 09/01/2014

Dieudonné too much for the bloated state

The highest French administrative court banned comedian Dieudonné from performing just two hours before his national tour was supposed to start on Thursday in Nantes. ... » more

6.  L'Opinion - France | 20/11/2013

Hollande is not the national coach

The French national football team qualified for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil on Tuesday with a surprising last-minute 3:0 victory against Ukraine. Too ... » more

7.  L'Opinion - France | 03/06/2013

More taxes won't help France

The French government announced on Monday that tax relief per child will be lowered in a bid to reduce the deficit in the Family Allocations ... » more

8.  L'Opinion - France | 27/05/2013

France's economy goes global

The two major shareholders of the French holiday resort operator Club Med, the French Axa Private Equity and the Chinese company Fosun, announced on Monday ... » more

9.  Le Figaro - France | 11/04/2006

Government scraps the youth employment law

Following a two-month crisis and nationwide protests, the French government has caved in to pressure. French Prime minister Dominique de Villepin has announced yesterday that the ... » more


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