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Berns, Dominique

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1.  Le Soir - Belgium | 02/01/2014

Recovery well timed for dithering EU

The economic recovery expected this year comes just in the nick of time for Europe's politicians, since they still refuse to draw the lessons from ... » more

2.  Le Soir - Belgium | 13/11/2013

EU Commission still too lax on Germany

The investigation of Germany's export surplus announced by the EU Commission on Wednesday does not go far enough, the liberal daily Le Soir argues: "There ... » more

3.  Le Soir - Belgium | 19/10/2012

EU makes democracy a scapegoat

The calls for the introduction of an authority with the right to veto the national budgets of Eurozone countries is based on the false assumption ... » more

4.  Le Soir - Belgium | 07/01/2008

According to Guy Hermet, democracy is bound to disappear

In an interview conduced by Dominique Berns, the political scientist Guy Hermet predicts the disappearance of the democratic system. "More and more countries are said ... » more

5.  Le Soir - Belgium | 21/05/2007

Robert Ayres on sustainable growth

In an interview conducted by Dominique Berns, the American economist Robert Ayres ponders how to reconcile economic growth and energy-saving. "If we project ourselves 40 ... » more

6.  Le Soir - Belgium | 26/03/2007

Marc Fleurbaey weighs up capitalism and democracy

Author of 'Capitalism or Democracy? The 21st century alternative', the French economist Marc Fleurbaey explains in an interview conducted by Dominique Berns why it is ... » more

7.  Le Soir - Belgium | 12/03/2007

Anne-Marie Le Gloannec considers that Germany is more European than before

Anne-Marie Le Gloannec, French director of research at the Center for International Studies and Research (CERI), recently published a work entitled 'Berlin and the world'. ... » more


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