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Bernath, Markus

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1.  Der Standard - Austria | 15/10/2015

Turkey not a safe country of origin

After the attacks on demonstrators, the curfews and the violence against journalists in recent months upgrading Turkey's status to a "safe country of origin" would ... » more

2.  Der Standard - Austria | 05/10/2015

Erdoğan as Europe's dubious saviour

The timing of the EU's knock on Turkey's door couldn't be better for the Turkish president, writes the centre-left daily Der Standard. "Four weeks before ... » more

3.  Der Standard - Austria | 26/08/2015

Erdoğan could declare state of emergency

The boycott of the Turkish interim cabinet by the two largest opposition parties could force President Erdoğan to postpone the new elections, warns the centre-left ... » more

4.  Der Standard - Austria | 20/08/2015

Erdoğan's coup worthy of Napoleon

After the failed coalition talks, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggested on Wednesday that new elections would be held. Erdoğan wants to secure his power ... » more

5.  Der Standard - Austria | 23/07/2015

Syriza must resume negotiations with blackmailers

The government in Athens has no alternative but to continue negotiating with the creditors, the centre-left daily Der Standard comments resignedly: "At best Greece's ruling ... » more

6.  Der Standard - Austria | 15/05/2015

Cyprus too immature for solution to conflict

After months of deadlock, new talks for settling the Cyprus conflict will begin today, Friday. A swift solution is not to be expected, the left-liberal ... » more

7.  Der Standard - Austria | 16/03/2015

Erdoğan's hypocritical anti-Twitter campaign

Three people have been arrested in the last week in Turkey for allegedly insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Twitter. Hardly any other country in ... » more

8.  Der Standard - Austria | 27/01/2015

Tsipras's government unstable

Forming a coalition with a small right-wing populist party will only increase the difficulties Greece's new prime minister Alexis Tsipras faces, the left-liberal daily Der ... » more

9.  Der Standard - Austria | 07/01/2015

Syriza right to break with austerity

While above all in Germany a debate is raging about the alleged dangers of a left-wing government in Greece, the left-liberal daily Der Standard hopes ... » more

10.  Der Standard - Austria | 07/10/2014

Election result shows Bulgarians' disappointment

The fact that ex-prime minister Boyko Borisov's conservative Gerb party won the most votes in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections just one and a half years ... » more


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