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Bercko, Vojislav

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1.  Večer - Slovenia | 21/01/2015

Stricter controls don't bring security

The sharing of air passenger data, which the EU interior ministers called for last week as a means for combating terror, could quickly lead to ... » more

2.  Večer - Slovenia | 21/11/2014

Western complacency provokes Putin

The Maidan uprising in Kiev against then president Viktor Yanukovych began a year ago. Today there is still no sign of an end to the ... » more

3.  Večer - Slovenia | 06/11/2014

Democrats still have chances in 2016

The Republicans have emerged victorious from the midterm elections and secured a majority in both houses of Congress. But Tuesday's results don't mean it's already ... » more

4.  Večer - Slovenia | 11/10/2014

Nobel Peace Prize once more in worthy hands

The Nobel Peace Prize will go to the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai and the Indian children's rights activist Kailash Satyarthi this year. At last the ... » more

5.  Večer - Slovenia | 27/03/2014

The harmony won't last long

The demonstrative unity between the EU and the US won't last for long, the conservative daily Večer suspects: "Putin's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula has ... » more

6.  Večer - Slovenia | 29/11/2013

Ukraine facing an era of deep division

Unlike Ukraine the Republic of Moldova and Georgia are improving their ties with the EU and initialled their respective association agreements with the Union on ... » more

7.  Večer - Slovenia | 28/10/2013

A lesson from the Communists

The Communists (KSČM) received 15 percent of the vote in the Czech parliamentary elections. The conservative daily Večer ascribes this strong performance to a general ... » more

8.  Večer - Slovenia | 25/10/2013

Capital wins out yet again in spying scandal

For economic reasons Europe's politicians will opt for a pragmatic approach in the spying affair - putting human rights on the back burner once more, ... » more

9.  Večer - Slovenia | 23/08/2013

Mass murder for all to see

There are frightening parallels between the presumed poison gas attack in Syria and the Srebrenica massacre, the conservative daily Večer writes: "Certainly, UN chemical weapons ... » more

10.  Večer - Slovenia | 22/08/2013

Prison instead of Nobel Peace Prize for Manning

A US court martial on Wednesday sentenced Wikileaks informer Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison. The conservative daily Večer criticises the harshness of the ... » more


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