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Benyahia-Kouider, Odile

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L'Obs - France | 22/09/2015

What constitutes a mistake for the Germans?

One aspect is missing in the German debate about the VW scandal, the centre-left weekly magazine L'Obs comments: "The only subject that our German colleagues have not addressed is morals. ... How can the country of Angela Merkel, which has never stopped rapping the knuckles of the horrible Greeks, those 'cheaters', 'liars', and 'cookers of books', maintain the pressure when Greece is forced to ask for the inevitable fourth bailout package or a debt write-off? This is not a form of 'Schadenfreude', or malicious joy at others' misfortune, but a real question: What exactly do the Germans understand by the word 'mistake'?"

Libération - France | 15/03/2006

Germany and France: differing economic cultures

German economist Christian Deubner, an official representative of the Centre for International Prospective Studies (CEPII), explains in an interview why the Germans have no idea what 'economic patriotism' is about. "It is a term that Germans do not use. As always, due to our nasty past. But not only that. There is a real difference in mentality and economic culture. French people are more inward-looking about their country, their companies and their national coherence. Germans are more open to competition. Entrepreneurs in Germany have more confidence in their ability to bring their influence to bear on global markets. And when they do not succeed, they do not automatically turn to the State like the French."

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