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Beck, Ulrich

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1.  El País - Spain | 30/08/2013

Ulrich Beck on the new awareness of the digital risk

The exposure of the spying programmes is raising our awareness of a new global threat, sociologist Ulrich Beck observes in the left-liberal daily El País: ... » more

2.  El País - Spain | 17/05/2013

Ulrich Beck argues that British would lose sovereignty with Brexit

Without the EU the British won't be able to compete in the globalised world, sociologist Ulrich Beck insists in the left-liberal daily El País: "Let's ... » more

3.  El País - Spain | 24/01/2013

Ulrich Beck on the Merkiavelli method

In view of Germany's huge influence in the European debt crisis, sociologist Ulrich Beck coins the term Merkiavelli to compare the German Chancellor's power politics ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 25/11/2012

Ulrich Beck hopes for a European Spring

In the first pan-European general strike on November 14, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the harsh austerity measures in their countries. The protests ... » more

5.  El País - Spain | 22/06/2011

Ulrich Beck on Germany's cunning nuclear phase-out

With their nuclear phase-out the Germans are securing an advantage on the global market for future technologies, sociologist Ulrich Beck explains in the left-liberal daily ... » more

6.  El País - Spain | 09/04/2010

Ulrich Beck on Angela Merkel's power strategy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is using the crisis to exploit her power in Europe, sociologist Ulrich Beck concludes in the left-liberal daily El País: "The ... » more

7.  Die Zeit - Germany | 20/03/2009

Ulrich Beck calls for a reinvention of the EU

If Europe didn't exist it would have to be invented, writes sociologist Ulrich Beck in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit: "The current crisis could be ... » more

8.  El País - Spain | 15/04/2008

Ulrich Beck explains the sad theatre of the world economy

Sociologist Ulrich Beck explains how the free market doctrine lost its force. "First act: 'the society of global risk': Chernobyl. Second act: the threat of ... » more

9.  The Guardian - United Kingdom | 15/01/2008

Ulrich Beck criticises nation-state politics

The German sociologist Ulrich Beck urges the end of nation state politics in Europe. "Cosmopolitan Europe was consciously conceived and launched after the Second World ... » more

10.  Die Zeit - Germany | 19/12/2007

Ulrich Beck on religion's totalitarian heart

"God is dangerous," writes sociologist Ulrich Beck in a pre-Christmas essay, in which he presents five theses on why the humanism of religion disguises an ... » more


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