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Baverez, Nicolas

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1.  Le Figaro - France | 08/06/2015

Nicolas Baverez sees an end to tolerance of corruption

The current Fifa scandal, the end of bank secrecy, the reform of the Vatican Bank and the Petrobras scandal in Brazil all show that corruption ... » more

2.  Le Figaro - France | 16/03/2015

In or out: Tsipras must decide

Whether he likes it or not Alexis Tsipras faces the choice between implementing his programme or keeping Greece in the Eurozone, the conservative daily Le ... » more

3.  Le Point - France | 02/02/2012

Italy paves Europe's way out of crisis

The yield on ten-year Italian bonds dropped on Wednesday to levels not seen since October 2011. Investors seem to have gained renewed confidence in Italy, ... » more

4.  Le Monde - France | 01/08/2011

Nicolas Baverez on supranational solutions to the debt crisis

The governments in Europe, the US and Japan have proved unable to curb their colossal public debts. Proof enough that national state policies have failed, ... » more

5.  Le Monde - France | 07/06/2010

Nicolas Baverez on Europe's disappearing unity

The French economist and historian Nicolas Baverez questions the unity of the EU in the daily Le Monde, fearing that the member states are slowly ... » more

6.  Le Monde - France | 23/04/2008

A new EU agricultural policy?

Historian and economist Nicolas Baverez writes that "Europe is on the front lines in the [world food] crisis. Malthusianism, subsidies and protections are the three ... » more


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