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Bassets, Lluís

Stellvertretender Chefredakteur der spanischen Tageszeitung El País. Ressortleiter Meinung. Betreiber des Blogs "De Alfiler a Elefante" = Von der Nadel (Mücke) zum Elefanten

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Blog Del alfiler al elefante - Spain | 28/04/2009

Lluís Bassets on torture in theory and practice

Lluís Bassets discusses in his blog the theory and practice of torture in the United States, and calls on US President Barack Obama to correct the mistakes of his predecessors: "This attempt to legalise torture now requires a very extensive cleanup operation, ranging from indicting all those who ordered, authorised and practiced torture right through to strengthening democratic pedagogy, as Obama is so good at doing, in a bid to change America's public opinion as you would change a sock. Needless to say both tasks are so enormous that one can doubt if Obama can carry them off. However this topic is by no means removed from our reality. Certainly, it concerns people in the US, but it also affects Europeans, because these 'techniques' were also practiced on our territory and our governments were also involved. They provided installations, as has just been documented in Poland, and agreed to flights or secret stopovers of planes carrying prisoners on their way to interrogation."

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