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Barré, Nicolas

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1.  Les Echos - France | 17/12/2014

Russia and Europe share a common destiny

Only by improving its relations with the EU can Russia emerge from its current crisis, the liberal daily Les Echos comments: "Vladimir Putin has made ... » more

2.  Les Echos - France | 08/04/2013

Japan's monetary policy a model for Europe

The Bank of Japan has further eased its monetary policy, announcing on Thursday that it would pump 1.4 trillion dollars into the economy to double ... » more

3.  Les Echos - France | 21/02/2013

France needs no lessons from the US

A letter by Maurice Taylor, CEO of the US tire producer Titan, to the French government has sparked a wave of outrage in France. In ... » more

4.  Les Echos - France | 10/01/2012

Berlin and Paris powerless in face of crisis

The German-French duo has once more failed to summon the energy necessary to avert the looming disaster, writes the liberal business paper Les Echos: "First ... » more

5.  Les Echos - France | 22/12/2011

France's genocide law is undemocratic

The French National Assembly will vote today on a law that makes denying genocide a criminal offence. It is particularly aimed at Turkey, which has ... » more

6.  Les Echos - France | 06/12/2011

Protecting private investors stabilises euro

The European Court of Justice will in future be able to monitor compliance with the Stability and Growth Pact, and there will be no more ... » more

7.  Les Echos - France | 21/11/2011

Draghi's reserve harms ECB's credibility

Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, stated on Friday at the Frankfurt European Banking Congress that the ECB could not purchase the bonds ... » more

8.  Les Echos - France | 10/11/2011

European Central Bank must losen up

Above all the European Central Bank is to blame for Italy's now having to pay interest rates of over seven percent on its government bonds, ... » more

9.  Les Echos - France | 27/10/2011

Common Europe not saved yet

The measures decided on for the bailout of indebted states circumvent the fundamental question of how much Community Europeans actually want in future, writes the ... » more

10.  Les Echos - France | 06/04/2011

France's clumsy debate on secularism

France's governing UMP party launched a discussion about the separation of Church and state under the catch phrase "Secularism and the place of religion in ... » more


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