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Barber, Tony

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 03/09/2015

Election brings Grexit closer

Around two weeks before its new elections the outlook is not good for Greece, the conservative daily Financial Times believes: "Greece faces one of two prospects. The first is a Syriza-led government, in which the dominant party must work with coalition partners it dislikes to implement a foreign-imposed reform programme it dislikes even more. The second is a New Democracy-led government, made up of parties that were largely responsible for the mess and have shown little capacity to clean it up. One way or another, the uncertainty created by the election will stall reforms, delay debt relief, threaten recovery and resurrect the spectre of Grexit."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 07/12/2014

Europe won't survive without immigration

Europe has no choice but to accept immigration, the liberal business paper Financial Times comments on the EU Commission's current Ageing Report on population development in Europe: "In a Europe defined by ageing societies, shrinking workforces and stagnant living standards, immigration is both a partial economic solution and a political problem in its own right. ... Arguably, the report's most important conclusion is that European societies are ageing so fast that, even with high net inward migration, the EU will in 2060 have only two working-age people for every person aged over 65, instead of four working-age people as is the case now. Such a sobering estimate makes it clear why immigration seems more of an economic necessity than a political choice."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 01/04/2014

A difficult legacy for new centre-left regents

France's new head of government Manuel Valls and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who has been in office since February, are strongly reminiscent of the two leading centre-left regents Tony Blair and Gerhard Schröder but face much harder times, writes the liberal daily the Financial Times: "All four men are or were unafraid of stepping on toes in their own parties, and each would embrace the Blairite notion, aired in 1997, that 'what matters is what works', not what is ideologically pure. But these similarities disguise the fact that the economic, social and electoral challenges that confront today's centre-left leaders in western Europe are, if anything, even more acute than those faced 15 years ago by Mr Blair and Mr Schröder."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 04/04/2006

Election campaign nears end

The business daily publishes a long analysis by journalist Tony Barber. He argues that the Prodi vs. Berlusconi match only fuels long-standing divisions without offering any solution to the country's most urgent problems. "What is most striking about the two sides' programmes is the number of questions left unaddressed - above all, how to raise Italy's productivity and restore its international business competitiveness. ... The ambiguities and lacunae in each camp's electoral programme also reflect their uncertain identities, as broad coalitions of distinct and sometimes clashing political interests. At the same time, the fragmented nature of the two coalitions reflects various cultural and historical tensions in Italian society : left against right, north against south, Catholic against secular, rich against less well-off, city against country."

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