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Azzopardi, Marika

freelance writer and journalist.

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The Malta Independent - Malta | 07/05/2007

'Moods', an exhibition of Keith Balzan's painting in Malta

The journalist Marika Azzopardi informs us that "Heritage Malta is presently hosting the second exhibition by Keith Balzan, who was introduced to the public just last year during his first exhibition Genesis. ... Working mostly in oils and a variety of mixed media, he has captured once again a sensational conglomeration of colour, the vibrancy of which verges on the disturbing. In fact it is visibly a play of moods that revert from dark to enthusiastic to introspective and back. ... Once again, Balzan has laid his soul bare for the keen observer to see. He does not stop at face value but homes in deeper to grasp the very soul of the onlooker. His paintings are staggering emotional passages, some of which seem to be struggling to break through, hemmed in by their constricting frame. The colours are screaming to be let loose and run riot further along the walls. If these paintings could only become larger, one would be assured of a truly immense emotional journey."

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