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Azoury, Philippe

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Libération - France | 31/10/2007

A porn festival in Berlin goes against the grain of the industry

Philippe Azoury questions the purpose of the Berlin Porn Film Festival held October 20-24. "Are there not already major 'trade fairs' in the porn industry all year round, with starlets, award ceremonies and outdoor film shoots? The Berlin Porn Film Festival is in fact an antidote to traditional fairs, an underground attack launched against the industry. ... Response has come from all over: feminists, art students, experimental film-makers and independent labels attended. It is as if all of a sudden no one sees porno for what it is any more. Consider the titles of conferences slipped in between films (twice a day) in: 'Web culture and sexual politics' ... ; 'Is creativity possible in mainstream porn?' ; The representation of political and social taboos in porn: the Middle East as a case study'."

Libération - France | 28/05/2007

A breath of fresh air has floated through Cannes

"By awarding the biggest prize to Cristian Mungiu, the Cannes Film Festival's jury has demonstrated good taste and audacious intuition, while also officially divulging a secret that is well-known among film buffs: in just a few years, Romania, coming from a political context where images were regulated by the ruling power, will have become the haven of cinema", writes Philippe Azoury. "Not only because production companies from the world over, especially in France and Hollywood, are fighting over its studios which are among the best on the world's market, but mostly because for half a decade Bucharest's film schools have been producing a group of very young film makers, all of whom are very keen to bare witness to the painful transformations that Romanian society has been going through since the fall of Ceausescu."

Libération - France | 20/02/2006

The Politics of the 56th Berlin Film Festival

Philippe Azoury does not hide his disappointment at the choice of winners at the 56th Berlinale. "While this year's list of prize winners reflects a festival that was more about politics than a love of cinema, there is also a sense of compromise in the absence of any commanding figure. ... This stuffy list can only partially hide the general state of malaise afflicting world cinema. ... The only films that lent a little verve to the proceedings were those that dealt with current affairs, without much regard to form, filmed in a slipshod manner. In a world where we are awash in information, cinema, which works slowly, and relies on lumbering machinery, no longer intends to continue to be left on the sidelines amid an ever-quickening spread of images. A symptom of this state of affairs: the documentary, once an ugly-stepsister, has again become the film genre that keeps filmmakers on their toes."

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