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Avram, Liviu

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1.  Adevârul - Romania | 25/10/2015

Silence over police death fuels speculation

A police officer was fatally injured last Tuesday when he rode over a pothole as part of the motorcade accompanying Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea. The ... » more

2.  Blog Adevărul - Romania | 29/04/2015

Ponta imitating Ceauşescu with tip tax

According to a government decree passed on Tuesday, tips will be subject to a 16 percent tax as of May 1. Journalist Liviu Avram writes ... » more

3.  Adevârul - Romania | 14/03/2013

Nationalism unleashed in Romania and Hungary

Following the constitutional changes in Hungary the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul examines the similarities between Hungary and Romania and fears they will fuel bilateral conflicts: "Both ... » more

4.  Adevârul - Romania | 25/01/2012

Only Băsescu's resignation can calm Romanians

The Romanian President Traian Băsescu, who has remained practically silent on events in his country since the start of the protests on January 12, has announced ... » more

5.  Adevârul - Romania | 19/07/2011

Romanian judiciary must assume responsibility

The EU Commission presents its progress report for Romania and Bulgaria on Wednesday. Several EU countries want the results to determine whether the two states ... » more

6.  Adevârul - Romania | 07/01/2010

Romania plans to tax fast food

Romania wants to make eating fast food more expensive: Health Minister Attila Cseke has announced a tax on uhealthy food. According to estimates by the ... » more

7.  Adevârul - Romania | 19/10/2009

Romanian constitution is poorly formulated

Since the collapse of the Romanian government last week politicians have been scrutinising the country's constitution. But according to the daily Adevărul the constitution is ... » more


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