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Auer, Dirk

Auer, Dirk

Dirk Auer studied social sciences and subsequently became a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Universiy of Oldenburg. He currently lives in Sofia as a freelance journalist reporting for radio and print media.

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The author has so far published 2 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Debate | 19/03/2008

Kosovo: A New State in Europe

On 17 February 2008 Kosovo declared its independence. Several European countries, including Germany and Britain, have already recognised the new state. Others categorically refuse to do so. » more

2.  Debate | 02/10/2007

The Roma in Europe

Following the accession to the EU of Bulgaria and Romania the gypsies or Roma have become the EU's largest ethnic minority. An estimated eight to ten million Roma live here – most of them in Eastern Europe. While on paper they enjoy the same rights as other citizens, their social and political situation remains precarious. » more

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