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Audrerie, Sabine

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La Croix - France | 04/06/2007

Rue89, a new atypical media in France

Sabine Audrerie praises the French news website 'Rue89' launched a month ago. "Proposing an alliance of traditional journalistic rigour and Internet culture, Rue89 ('rue', meaning road, because it is synonymous with circulation, encounters and life; '89' because that year is associated with the fall of walls, Tiananmen Square, revolutions, and thus information revolutions) was founded in a few weeks... by a few former journalists of the daily 'Libération'. … Rue 89 wants to shake up the traditional way that news is considered and delivered. From the vertical (media to reader) it wants to move to the horizontal, whilst clearing the brushwood of everything and anything in the field on the Internet. ... The contents is competing with the classic press and information media with its density and responsiveness, an openness to the international and the added advantage of a tone that is neither too serious, nor too outrageous, conducting unexpected investigations off the beaten track."

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