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Audisio, Emanuela

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La Repubblica - Italy | 12/02/2007

Football matches behind closed doors in Italy

"One strange Sunday", is how the journalist and writer Emanuela Audisio sums up Sunday, February 11th, when football matches took place without spectators in all of the country's stadiums. The decision was taken by the Prodi government following the assassination of a policeman at a match in Catana, Sicily, last February 4th. "It was a Sunday without: without Raciti (the policeman who was shot dead], without spectators, without flags and even without shame, other than a few whistles blown in Rome during the minute of silence. ... A Sunday of absence, a Sunday reduced to silence, a Sunday in the shadows populated with almost literary ghosts, a bit like the tennis game without a ball in Antonioni's film 'Blow Up'. Grand Stands were empty, but imagination brimming."

La Repubblica - Italy | 10/07/2006

Zidane, a mirror of the World Cup

As Italy celebrates its national heros, Emanuela Audisio comments on Zidane's inexplicable gesture to Italian footballer Marco Materazzi. "From king to criminal. In the span of a single night, in a World Cup that was about to become his own ... But what can justify walking off the stage of history in this manner, having erred so grievously? And so pathetically, forced to walk past the Cup - displayed between the playing field and the tunnel - on his way back to the dressing room. ... Perhaps Zizou's gesture was a sudden violent compulsion. We had already seen this before: a head-but and stamping on the body of an opponent. With Materazzi, a minor scuffle triggered a fit of anger. But perhaps Zidane had a premonition that victory was slipping away from him and he wanted to conjure this bad omen with this lowly act of impotence."

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