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Aubert, Pascal

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1.  La Tribune - France | 05/03/2008

The EU harshens its tone against tax evasion

Pascal Auber highlights the difficulties involved in modifying current rules. "Despite the emotion provoked all over Europe by the revelations on the list of Liechtenstein's ... » more

2.  La Tribune - France | 10/12/2007

France accomodates Muammar Gaddafi

Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi is paying a controversial five-day visit to France, starting this December 10th. Pascal Aubert considers that "in the big economic competition, ... » more

3.  La Tribune - France | 25/07/2007

Bulgarian medics freed, but at what price?

Pascal Aubert notes a sense of "uneasiness" concerning the way this crisis has been resolved. The simultaneity of the happy ending of the Bulgarian nurses' ... » more

4.  La Tribune - France | 21/06/2007

"Hyper President" Nicolas Sarkozy

The editorialist Pascal Aubert sees Nicolas Sarkozy as a 'hyper president' ready to burst the boundaries of his office. "It is clear that our new ... » more

5.  La Tribune - France | 31/10/2006

The cost of global warming

"Only Mankind is in a position to reverse the self-destructive mechanism resulting from its anarchic and selfish activities", insists the editorialist Pascal Aubert. "And without ... » more

6.  La Tribune - France | 22/06/2006

Crisis at EADS

Editorialist Pascal Aubert writes about the lack of enthusiasm over the possibility of the French government taking a larger stake in EADS. "The mere mention ... » more


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