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Attali, Jacques

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1.  L'Express - France | 13/07/2015

French use abbreviations to hide incompetence

Francophones are increasingly using abbreviations and incomplete words, author Jacques Attali writes on his blog for the weekly magazine L'Express, a trend he sees as ... » more

2.  Slate - France | 12/06/2015

Jacques Attali on love as a sharing model

The trend toward sharing could soon spread from cars and accommodation to love affairs, economist and journalist Jacques Attali writes in the online magazine Slate: ... » more

3.  L'Express - France | 08/12/2014

For Jacques Attali growth and climate protection can go hand in hand

Contrary to what some people would have us believe, economic growth and climate protection are not mutually exclusive goals, Jacques Attali writes in his blog ... » more

4.  Slate - France | 16/09/2014

Jacques Attali warns West against humiliating Russia

If the West humiliates Russia it will face a permanent enemy, publicist Jacques Attali writes in the online magazine Slate: "In relations between nations - ... » more

5.  L'Express - France | 08/09/2014

Massive cuts France's only hope

The French government will announce its budget policy for 2015 on Wednesday. If it wants to escape the fate of Greece the country has no ... » more

6.  L'Express - France | 21/07/2014

Fanatics make the whole world unsafe

The world is no longer safe when heavy weapons can fall into the hands of fanatics, publicist Jacques Attali writes in his blog for the ... » more

7.  L'Express - France | 14/10/2013

FN programme would be disastrous for France

The programme of the Front National would be a disaster for France, Jacques Attali warns in his blog with the news magazine L'Express: "Exiting the ... » more

8.  L'Express - France | 22/04/2013

Foreign languages at French universities dumb

The French government has presented a bill that would give more priority to teaching in foreign languages at French universities. The concept is to attract ... » more

9.  L'Express - France | 07/06/2012

Jacques Attali on the people as Europe's last hope

In view of the desolate situation in many countries of the EU, calls for a pan-European referendum on the future of the Union are growing ... » more

10.  Blog Conversation avec Jacques Attali - France | 10/01/2012

Campaigners blind to dangers for France

Euro crisis, Arab Spring, nuclear armament - France faces many international challenges, but the candidates for the French Presidential elections in April and May are ... » more


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