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Askolovitch, Claude

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 01/10/2007

Dominique Strauss-Kahn about to update the IMF

The journalist Claude Askolovitch answers Sarah Halifa-Legrand's questions on the challenges faced by Dominique Strauss-Kahn. "The idea is to get all parties involved - western countries threatened by emerging countries, emerging countries fed up with western imperialism, suffocating third-world countries left by the wayside, Predatory China, the indebted United States - to admit that they have a common interest in the world's financial and monetary balance. An enormous amount of work lies ahead for an institution that has lost its natural place in a world that has fallen out of love with it and no longer understands it. At the same time, and this is a paradox for the IMF, DSK is also going to manage an internal crisis: having been scarcely called upon deal with State financial crises, the IMF is currently overstaffed."

Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 15/02/2007

Bernard-Henri Levy on the political engagement of intellectuals

In an interview with Claude Asklovitch, the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy considers the rallying cry in favour of Nicolas Sarkozy, right-wing French presidential candidate, pronounced in Le Monde by the philosopher André Glucksmann, normally considered a left-wing intellectual. "I don't understand him. Sarko is neither a fascist, nor a bastard. This is something that the left will debate when it has nothing to say. However, for me, the political engagement of intellectuals in an electoral campaign assumes three principles: First of all, we are not blind-followers, we are not sheep ... . Secondly, one becomes engaged by default, for lack of a better option, with circumspection: I can't imagine Sartre consecrating a candidate with the fervour of those who are joining Sarkozy camp today. And then there is timing : intellectuals are buccaneers, gangsters, people who lay down conditions, exercise maximum pressure, who should say ye or nay as late as possible, having obtained maximum booty: strong gestures and commitment to what counts most."

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