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Ashdown, Paddy

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Delo - Slovenia | 05/11/2008

Ashdown and Holbrooke on the disinterest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in 1995 under the aegis of the US with the Dayton Peace Accords. Richard Holbrooke, chief negotiator of the Accords, and Paddy Ashdown, former international High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, warn in Delo newspaper of the country's imminent collapse: "Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, once the darling of the international community ... has [exploited] the weaknesses in Bosnia's constitutional structure, the international community's weariness and EU's inability to stick by its conditionality. Within two years he has reversed much of the real progress made in Bosnia over the past 13, seriously weakened the institutions of the Bosnian state, and all but stopped the country's evolution into a functioning (and EU-compatible) state. ... As a result, the suspicion and fear that began the war in 1992 has been reinvigorated. A destructive dynamic is accelerating, and Bosnian and Croat nationalism is on the rise. ... This tipping point is the result of the disinterest of the international community. ... The EU's foreign policy attention has recently focused on Kosovo, but it is Bosnia that has always been the bigger and more dangerous challenge. That country's decline can still be arrested, provided the EU wakes up, the new US administration gets involved, and both renew their commitment to Bosnia's survival as a state by maintaining an effective troop presence and strengthening the long-term process of bringing the country closer to the international community."

The Times - United Kingdom | 12/06/2008

The reform of multinational institutions

George Robertson, former NATO Secretary General, and Paddy Ashdown, ex-High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, write in the British daily about the security risks of a globalised world: "We need a new era of multinational institution-building, and a deepened level of security and defence collaboration inside the EU. ... There is clearly a need for the Security Council to be reformed, to bring in new permanent members such as India, Brazil and South Africa. ... The UN needs to be seen more as an important conferrer of legitimacy on international action, rather than always as the implementer of action itself. Beyond the UN, we need a new era of treaty-based action. ... Examples here include the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Criminal Court and a post-Kyoto climate change framework. ... In Europe there is no area of threat that could not be more effectively addressed through deeper collaborative effort."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 13/03/2006

The death of Slobodan Milosevic

"Milosevic brought shame and disaster on the great Serb people. They are now known in far too much of the world as the people who perpetrated aggression and killing at places such as Srebrenica," Paddy Ashdown, a former high representative of the international community in Bosnia (May 2002-January 2006), writes in a commentary. "In the end the Serbs realised who he was, which is why they got rid of him. But Milosevic fooled too many Western statesmen for too long. The intervention came too late. The scales fell from the eyes of the international community over Kosovo. If they had realised earlier he was not part of the solution but part of the problem, tens of thousands of people would have lived and millions would not have been driven from their homes".

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