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Ash, Timothy Garton

historian, political writer and Guardian columnist

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1.  Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 05/05/2014

Emerging countries support Putin

The US and the EU cannot hope to stop Putin's course of action with the help of the UN, the daily Tages-Anzeiger writes, pointing out ... » more

2.  El País - Spain | 17/06/2013

Majority does not side with protesters

Europe must support the protesting Turks but should not forget that they don't represent the majority of the country, historian Timothy Garton Ash points out ... » more

3.  Der Standard - Austria | 25/01/2013

Commonwealth can't replace EU

Britain's outstanding international status resulting from its integration in the Commonwealth can't replace its relations with the EU, British historian and journalist Timothy Garton Ash ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 26/01/2012

Saving the euro won't save Europe

The euro crisis is the main topic at Davos, but the economic rescue of Europe should not drive the political European project into the background, ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 28/10/2011

Timothy Garton Ash finds national EU debates poorly timed

The British parliament on Monday rejected a motion for a referendum on exiting the EU, while the German Bundestag on Wednesday approved the expansion of ... » more

6.  El País - Spain | 18/07/2011

Timothy Garton Ash hopeful after Murdoch's downfall

The exposure of the phone-hacking scandal in the UK augurs well for British journalism, the contemporary historian Timothy Garten Ash writes in the left-liberal daily ... » more

7.  El País - Spain | 28/06/2011

Timothy Garton Ash on China's colonies in Europe

Struggling Europe is an open invitation for China to expand its influence there, writes Timothy Garton Ash in the left-liberal daily El País: "Once upon ... » more

8.  The Guardian - United Kingdom | 23/05/2011

Timothy Garton Ash on the old West's new role in the Middle East

US President Barack Obama commences his tour of Europe today. Historian and commentator Timothy Garton Ash writes in the left-liberal daily The Guardian that the ... » more

9.  La Repubblica - Italy | 28/04/2011

Timothy Garton Ash defends Britain's harmless crown

According to a survey carried out by the left-liberal British daily The Guardian, many Britons agree with the paper's demand for the abolition of the ... » more

10.  The Guardian - United Kingdom | 09/12/2010

Timothy Garton Ash on the role of foreign correspondents

The British historian and commentator Timothy Garton Ash stresses in the left-liberal daily The Guardian that foreign correspondents are indispensable for journalism even in these ... » more


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