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Arrak, Andres

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Eesti Rahvusringhääling - Estonia | 25/06/2013

Public holidays take toll on Estonian economy

After Estonia's long weekend for Midsummer, economics professor Andres Arak takes stock of how public holidays affect the economy on the web portal of the Estonian radio broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhääling: "Public holidays boost production and consumption and therefore have the potential to revive the economy. But is this really the case? Do we manage to give more gifts, eat more and drink more to compensate for the missed day of production? ... Estonia's economy loses 81 million euros per year because of its twelve public holidays - that corresponds to 0.5 percent of the gross national product. It's very doubtful that the Estonians consume 81 million euros on the public holidays. But who says celebrating isn't a human right?"

Postimees - Estonia | 10/03/2006

Criticism of Western Europe's social system

Andres Arrak writes that social systems in many European states are so well endowed that it makes working hardly worth the trouble. "These social models, which have developed over a long time, have had the effect of diminishing Europeans' motivation to work. Europe is aging, lazy and bureaucracy-ridden, and it has failed to adapt to the new circumstances. These include demographic trends, global competition, the growing need for qualified workers and limited natural resources. The Estonians should have been warned about the state of the European Union they were joining... At present the richer countries are losing an increasing number of jobs - and even entire economic sectors - to other countries. But what to do with the people left behind?"

Postimees - Estonia | 15/02/2006

The Cartoon Conflict: Pinpointing Responsibility

According to Andres Arrak, the Muhammad cartoon dispute touches on the fundamental question of which rules people in the West are willing to live by. "Nowadays immigration is forcing different peoples and cultures to mix, and information circulates very quickly. Just a hundred years ago, the Arabs would never have found out if somebody in northern Europe made a joke about them. But nowadays immigrants bring their own culture into an unfamiliar environment, and certain cultures and religions are more aggressive than others... It's not yet clear who will win this war. Communism collapsed because the Soviet Union was unable to offer resistance to the powerful President Reagan, but the war on terrorism can't be won with money and an efficient economy."

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