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Arrabal, Fernando

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Le Soir - Belgium | 17/08/2006

Fernando Arrabal on provocation

Spanish artist Fernando Arrabal was among the spectators in Brussels for a performance of his play 'Pucelle pour un gorille' ('Maiden for a Gorilla'). In an interview with Catherine Makereel, Arrabal - who founded the Panic movement with writer Roland Topor and film-maker Alejandro Jodorovsky - talks about his perception of provocation. "I've never been provocative in my life. Words are a life of the mind, which I sometimes use in reaction to hateful events. Provocation is like love, luck, success, you can never plan ahead ... I said shit to God and the fatherland in a dedication I wrote against Franco, but others deserve more than I do to go to prison. Beckett wrote the finest letter for my trial. He wrote what he would have said about Houellebecq today: 'The poet must suffer greatly in order to write, gentlemen of the court, do not add to his pain.'"

ABC - Spain | 28/12/2005

Humour on Innocent Saints Day

On this 28th day of December, the day of Innocent Saints which in Spain has traditionally been the date when people play practical jokes, the playwright Fernando Arrabal offers a reflection on humour in which almost every line is humorous. "Paradoxically, we speak about utopia with realism, love with hatred, humour with seriousness, and practical jokes with shrewdness. (...) And we even get all nostalgic about those self-stimulators who go off on their honeymoons alone! (...) Academic experts have discovered pink, blue, green and black humour. But in my humble opinion, this last colour totally wipes out all the others, dominating them like a redundancy." Arabal reminds us that "the academy of the 'Umoristi' was founded in Rome in 1602 to add a little lustre to nonsense, a little glitter to exaggeration, and a little splendour to a fantasy that's as hilarious as laughing gas."

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